Hi, I'm Elizabeth Bristol...


I'm people watcher, a black-coffee drinker, a lover of mornings, mountains, good books & anything with a deep history to it. I cry in Disney movies, am fluent in the language of awkward & tripping, and I really really love dark chocolate. I grew up with all brothers (until surprise baby sister after 8 years! woohoo!) and still possess an intense fascination with Indians, hunting, WWII & knife throwing. Braveheart and Pride & Prejudice (2005) are two of my favorite movies (go figure). 

I believe that stories are what move people - pull at heart-strings, fuel the senses, make our heads buzz with planning and hoping and dreaming - they're what the human soul craves and seeks. And I believe each person has one. I've been photographing wedding stories for several years now and can honestly say that each one leaves me more inspired than ever about the love stories I get to be apart of (despite the aching feet, wild hair & red lipstick which always finds a way to end up on my chin :) ) Take a look around and let's be friends.



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