Brady + Quinn | Wakeena Falls, Portland Engagement Photographer

Brady and Quinn. Two wildly fierce and passionate souls apart - but put together and you get the most cunning duo of sarcasm and idealism, dramatic and steady, vision and path - with a mix of old hollywood, dancing in the kitchen & some good red wine. It's a strange and beautiful thing to watch two people fall in love - especially when they're related to you. In the fall of 2015 I got to watch my brother fall in love with Quinn - late at night over noodles and kombucha on the kitchen floor, carving pumpkins, drinking cold coffee, getting smoke in their hair. I saw it overtake him in the quiet spaces of our endless drive home after an evening at her family's house - with Rod Stewart's 'Forever Young' blaring and the black road stretching out before us. (You know a fellow's in love when he's an extrovert and sits in silence for over an hour) When his eyes looked past people instead of at them during conversation (a rarity for his usually vibrant & attentive nature) - i knew his thoughts were with that blonde beauty who was coming to reshape his heart, sing a new tune in his mind. When he proposed - inside a forest, through sobs and tears - and she said ' everyday'...I knew by the way they held each other - grateful, overcome - this was no ordinary love.

Their engagement session took place on a weekend trip in August to Portland, Oregon - we found the best tiny donuts at Pip's + dang good bubble tea at Tea Bar and trekked up Wakeena Falls for the my #1 favorite engagement shoot ever - I swear I've never been so in heaven with colors & light than in the PNW. Quinn wore an Anthro dress, Brady got to kiss her + play with her hair a lot, I totally ruined my (very impractical) shoes - and it was all simply wonderful.


Elizabeth Bristol

Isle O' Dreams, Pt. 2 || Isle of Man, UK Wedding Photographer

Spending 8 days playing hooky on a British island isn't usually what you'll find on 'Top 10 Places to Travel This Summer', but boy it's the stuff of dreams, let me tell you. Before shooting Jon + Vicki's wedding on the weekend, our days were filled with the most delightful stuff imagined. One morning, Jon (honorable groom and fabulous island host) popped over to his sister Jen's house (where we stayed) early and made us authentic English breakfast - holy moly the British know what they're about when it comes to breakfast (traveler's note: if you haven't had thick cut bacon you are missing out on one of God's greatest gifts)! He took both Liz and I into the town of Douglas for the day to caffeinate, peruse side stores and florist shops (I bought one of my favorite dresses in a tiny T.K. Maxx...yes, T.K... :) ), people watch, and avoid getting run over. 

Several days into your stay on the Isle of Man, you'll start to feel some tiny roots inside of you planting into the ground, the cliffs, the roar and whirr of sea and gulls. I think it's something about the island air, the quiet, frankness of living and laughing and just being. It's a powerful thing to feel no pressure other than to be. Here in the states (or maybe just the city?...I make wide assumptions when my speculation cap is on) sometimes there is a strange layer of pressure, expectation, to do, do, do, create, create, create, progress, progress, make something of yourself, hurry, hurry. I feel it weigh against my chest, a flimsy film, but so heavy. On the island, it is none. No place to be, career to chase, butt to kick, American career-chasing frenzy to embody.

Don't get me wrong, I love to hustle, to fight, to break barriers, fire-cracker off a spring-board and plunge headlong into icy water. But there's something about taking a breath once in awhile from hustling. Wake, take in the sun and the bright, deep blue of ocean crashing on land outside your window. Wash a dish, or leave it in the sink. Buy a dress, take a wrong turn, stand on a street corner, squint at the sun. Every piece, a breath of grateful solace. 

Just a trot-walk down from Jen & Mark's house was a lovely cliff-side ocean view that Liz & I walked down to almost every evening - listen to the sunset, see the waves and feel the gulls crying through our bones. Our first night we discovered it we nearly got washed away by high tide and laughed and gasped and scrambled and scraped knees racing back up to higher ground. And then, glory what an evening, how long the light held grips with the sky, how my heart pounded in my chest as Wonder by Amanda Cook rang in my ears and Jesus filled that eternity of other-worldly reality.


Two days before the wedding, Jon and his best man Simon took us to the Sound & Calf of Man, a stunning view on the southern-most tip of the island. Jon and Simon wrote their wedding speeches for the big day, while Liz and I snapped a bajillion photos and watched seals that swam by and gave us funny looks and I slipped on seaweed and bruised an elbow and my favorite lens and we looked like a bunch of idiots, but how glad I am for idiocy and busting-laughter and seals. 

Jon & Vicki opted to have their rehearsal 2 days before the wedding and save the day before to relax, breathe, and enjoy a good 24 hours of rest. We took a picnic down to the shore and barbecued and blew the wind in our faces and threw rocks into the sea. Jon and Vicki would be joining hands and hearts in the nearly a few hours and all was setting into place - dinner on the beach with friends, dreaming of tomorrow. This is the moment they'd remember on the cusp of the rest of their lives. 

Isle O' Dreams, Pt. 1 || Isle of Man, UK Wedding Photographer

This is the story of one of the most dear and lovely weeks of my life. One of the most wonderful experiences, born out of Facebook messaging and friends-of-friends. My bestie Liz Rudman and I jumped the pond last June and visited the ever-lovely Isle of Man in the UK to photograph the wedding of our dear friends, Jon and Vicki. 8 glorious days of exploring, accustoming ourselves to island life, and getting to know the most wonderful people in the world made leaving it all behind so hard. It's an incredible thing, a scary thing, to fly across the world to capture one of the most important day's in the lives of people you've never met. Scary, but oh how it fills the depths of my soul. 

Jon is one of the kindest men I have ever met. He cares for every person he crosses paths with, and Liz and I were no exception. From the moment we stepped off the plane, Jon went out of his way to make sure us two crazy Americans had every opportunity at adventuring, even in the midst of a chaotic wedding-week. We stayed with England's finest couple Jen & Mark (Jon's sister and her husband) and their pup, Olive, in a sunlit room with a view of the sea, and I don't think I've ever been so stupidly giddy with delight.

Our first morning on the island was one of those roll over in beautiful sheets, stretch really big, blink-a-lot-and-make-sleepy-noises mornings because you've just never felt so well rested and so ridiculously happy to see the coast peeking at you from outside your window. We spent all day zipping along the coast, traipsing round Peel Castle from the Vikings of old, hiking through some beautiful glens and valleys, and leaping from waterfalls into the icy dew of river. Wet shorts sticking to skin, tripping over dog leashes, wind in our veins and stories over Indian food. And this, only the beginning of what was to come. 


Stay tuned for more adventures from this magical island, along with my absolute favorite wedding I've shot to date! 


Elizabeth Bristol

Liz + Stephen || Celina, TX Wedding Photographer

Liz + Stephen's wedding was one of those dang-crazy-fun-can-we-do-it-all-over-again-please days. Gold dusted cakes, a hanging trellis of flowers, drop dead stunning golden light during portraits, and just about the wildest dance party I've ever experienced made this day just dewy with brilliance and emotion. Dang I dig it when people fall in love ;)

Second shot with Allison Harp at Chandler's Gardens