Your wedding day is a bursting occasion - full of so many intricate details, flowers and place cards, hours upon hours of preparation and planning. Yet unlike all the details, when the day arrives what will matter most to you are the people, the moments, and the memories you keep from your day. That's what I'm here for. To document your day as it unfolds - donning your wedding dress as mamma holds back the tears, saying your deathless vows (trembling, breathless) to your life's love, those golden moments running back down the aisle - laughing/crying, hugging/kissing - 'man & wife'.  These moments are sacred, wonderful, delicious - and they are worth the investment to treasure forever.

To put it simply - I'm here to tell your wedding story. To photograph you as you are - crazy, mad, in love - and tell the story of your day with honesty & intention.

I'm based in the DFW area, but have shot weddings all over the country - Portland, Colorado, North Carolina, NOLA, and Idaho to name a few - so shoot me an email, wherever you're from, and let's make some magic happen!